Sheen Machine

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The NEW Approach to Adding Tonal Sheen

Sheen Machine is a purpose-driven tool for adding smooth and airy high-end to sound sources without introducing the high-frequency harshness often generated by a traditional high-shelf boost. Using Eventide's patented Structural Split technology, Sheen Machine provides a simple solution for resolving complex problems often introduced when adding "sheen" to a signal, allowing for independent control over the transient and tonal layers of a signal without implicitly impacting the entire audio signal like a traditional EQ would. Power users have been doing exactly this using the full-featured SplitEQ plugin. We’ve put the power of SplitEQ in Sheen Machine and reduced it to a single, powerful, one knob gesture.

Sheen Machine – Applications


Sheen Machine makes it easy to add tonal high-end to an otherwise dull recording or add "airiness" to vocals helping them shine brightly in a mix.


From subtle to dramatic, musically rebalance vocals, synths, and other instruments by surgically adding tonal-high end without causing harshness.


Enhance the high-frequency information of incoming signals, adding vibrance to sound sources with ease.

Sheen Machine – Features

Structural Split

The beating heart of Sheen Machine, built on the same ground-breaking technology found in SplitEQ and Physion. Whatever instrument you process, Sheen Machine analyzes the incoming audio and separates these components into their respective Transient (noise, pops, mic plosives, vocal sibilance, attacks) and Tonal (sustained notes, harmonics, tone, ambiance) elements. Sheen Machine uses this information to apply specially crafted EQ curves to the transient and tonal layers of the incoming audio, adding “airiness” and “sheen” without adding harshness.

Just One Knob

A straightforward user interface focused specifically on what matters: Adding tonal sheen to incoming audio. Turn the dial, hear the added sheen. The Sheen Machine user interface also includes undo/redo, input gain and built-in bypass.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
James M.
Get it

It’s snazzy

Peter W.

An excellent plugin which gives a clarity and polish to your recordings. Recommended

James S.
Works Well

The Sheen Machine is a very useful plugin that works well. It would be real nice if we could swap the transient and tonal curves so that the tonal component was boosted less than the transient. Boosting the tonal component less is what I need when processing speech.

Alexander G.
Many thanks to the Evetide team for their love and interest in the quality of their products!

original method of harmonic placement, processing starts from 5kHz, working position of the main control knob - 47, higher - depends on the quality of the track waveform and the engineer's ears. It is very pleasant to load Sheen Machine, because you know what result will result from using it.

Many thanks to the Evetide team for their love and interest in the quality of their products! kisses and hugs! Sasha.

Rosen S.

Sheen Machine

Don M.S.
Early days but finding this useful to add a little

Early days but finding this useful to add a little. Quick & easy to get a good result, also being sure not to overdo things.

Frank D.
simple 1-button tool

easy to install and use

Simple and effective.

Simple and effective.

Detlef Z.
Angenehme 1-Knopf-Helfer-Shinder-Maschine

Wie von Eventide versprochen, kann ich diesen 1-Knopf Sheen Machine in allen verarbeitenden Spuren schnell auf Brillianz, Sibilianz prüfen, und es ist wirklich gut verständlich zu hören. Stellen sie beim Abhören ruhig die Spur, den Bus oder den Masterausgang etwas lauter, falls sie nicht mit ihrem Hören zufrieden sind. Ich habe besonders gute Ergebnisse erzielen können, bei den Drums, vor allem bei den Becken/Cymbals, Saxophon, aber auch beim Piano und Gitarren! Ein großer Pluspunkt dazu ist, die schneller Verarbeitung des 1-Knopf-Wunders in den Spuren oder Bussen. Also eine klare Kaufempfehlung von mir!! Beste Grüße von Zappi - As promised by Eventide, I can quickly check this 1-knob Sheen Machine for brilliance, siliency in all processing tracks, and it's really easy to hear. When listening, feel free to turn up the track, bus or master output a little louder if you are not satisfied with what you are hearing. I was able to achieve particularly good results with the drums, especially the cymbals/cymbals, saxophone, but also the piano and guitars! A big plus point is the quick processing of the 1-button miracle in the tracks or buses. So a clear purchase recommendation from me!! Best greetings from Zappi

David B.

Sheen Machine

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