H90 Harmonizer®
H90 Harmonizer®
H90 Harmonizer®

H90 Harmonizer®

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Beyond the Effects Horizon

Discover why top artists and producers have chosen Eventide for over 50 years with the H90 Harmonizer®, Eventide’s next-generation multi-effects pedal. Whether you want high-quality bread-and-butter effects or experimental sounds unheard, the H90 has everything you need to inspire your creativity with an intuitive UI designed with players in mind, 64 effect algorithms, and hundreds of Program combinations curated for a variety of instruments and genres. With its comprehensive I/O and flexible routing options, the H90 is designed to be the heart of your rig.


The H90 Harmonizer comes with hundreds of factory Programs that can be loaded using either SELECT or BANK mode. In SELECT mode, you can navigate your Playlist sequentially without ever missing a detail thanks to the OLED display. In BANK mode, you can quickly load from a bank of three Programs, perfect for cueing up the range of sounds for a song. Organizing your favorite sounds has never been easier, simply load a new Playlist and you’re ready for the next gig! 

In PERFORM mode, you get six programmable footswitches. Map functions like tap tempo, preset and insert bypass with momentary states, and performance parameters like reverb freeze, pitch flex, or delay repeat. Furthermore, you can make multiple instantaneous parameter changes with three HotSwitches.

The comprehensive UI allows you to control any parameter with ease. Adjust expression mappings by hand with the PERFORM HotKnob and engage up to six individual assignable parameters with the three push-button Quick Knobs. Get even more control with two inputs for expression pedals or auxiliary switches with up to three buttons. If that’s not enough, take advantage of the pedal’s extensive MIDI control.


  • Preloaded with 64 effect algorithms:
    • 12 new effect algorithms: Polyphony, Prism Shift, PolyFlex, PolySynth, Bouquet Delay, Head Space, Weedwacker, Even-vibe, Wormhole, Instant Flanger, Instant Phaser, and SP2016 Reverb
    • Includes all 52 effect algorithms from the H9 Max Harmonizer with enhanced features and improvements
  • New low-latency Polyphonic Pitch Shifting with SIFT (Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking) technology
  • ARM-based architecture lays the foundation for new and exciting creative effects
  • Use two algorithms at once per Program
  • True spillover between Programs
  • Route effects in series or parallel
  • Instrument or line-level operation
  • Two mono inserts or one stereo insert can be positioned anywhere in the signal chain
  • Dual-mode for processing two independent stereo signals at once
  • Five push-turn knobs for more tactile control
  • Two expression inputs for pedals, up to 3-button auxiliary switches, and CV signals
  • Use H90 Control software to edit Programs, create lists, and update firmware on a Mac or PC
  • Built-in tuner

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Francisco B.
Amazing unit!!!

This has to be the best and most powerful multi effects unit on the market, powerful studio quality effects, multiple routing options,


Amazing product.

Brock - Ohio

You better believe this awesome pedal will be on so many pedalboards for years. Don't think of it as a pedal that can only run 2 effects / algorithms at a time. People that don't understand eventide's way will always think that but it's not like that at all. Many effects or "algorithms" inside a H9 or H90 preset has more than one effect you can do. Like for instance the modechoverb algorithm can do delay, reverb, chorus / flanger etc.. And with the H90 you can set those each up to hotswitches etc. Right there you have 3 effects inside of one preset and still have the other preset to add something else that may have 2 or more effects available. The H90 is highly flexible not just inside the unit but also on the outside with ways to go mono or stereo, also 2 inserts / fx loops, and 2 expression / control options! And after all of that awesome, it sounds fantastic!

Dave C.
A new standard

The sound quality and creative possibilities of the H90 are second to none!

Blane B.
Pardon me, however you’re missing something from your board.

Extremely versatile, can do anything, does NOT sound like a digitally emulated work of desperation. Will complete your signal chain and any sonic thought you can think of. Do it!

Brian W.
Love the H90

I really like the H90. I use it for Bass and this is my second one, I have one on my pedalboard and one that I use stand-alone for gigs where I don't want to take the full board. I mostly use it for Octave and 'Verb sounds. I also have a setting for slapping using compression and eq that sounds great.

Best Effects Pedal Ever!

Best Effects Pedal Ever!

Eventide really went above & beyond with the H90 Harmonizer.

Having owned some of the “bigger” Eventides, such as the DSP7000 and Eclipse, I was a little apprehensive about a “lower-cost” offering, fearing that too many corners would be cut. But I am beyond pleased with the volume & quality of effects as well as how ergonomic and easy it is to implement Eventide’s effects in a performance-based device. Working with the H90 feels more like “playing an instrument” than programming a computer.

It feels like a natural progression from their previous offerings, such as the Eclipse and H9. I’m a “tweaker” and I really love how easy it is to edit patches directly on the unit, without the need for a computer or tablet. After skimming through the manual (there are 59 pages of actual instruction - the rest is a table of contents & a description of algorithms), it’s very easy to navigate. Being able to use any 2 algorithms simultaneously in each patch you make, routing them however you like, has never been so easy! Using the added I/O, you can even insert other external effects between the H90’s patches (been having a blast, inserting an analog distortion pedal into H90 patches, both in series and parallel).

…and having presets for every algorithm (again, you get 2 algorithms per patch) as a starting point is wonderfully inspirational - didn’t expect that.

BTW - I also use the H90 to make electronic music and I love how you can switch any of its inputs/outputs between high impedance instrument (guitar) level and line (synth/drum machine/sampler) level. There is no longer a need for re-amp boxes!

The only “problem” I have found with the H90 is now that I’ve used it for a while, I want more Eventide! :)


I am blown away with this pedal. My all time favorite effect pedal by a mile. This thing can go from subtle to so extreme the source is unrecognizable. I am using it with synths and for sound design. Perfect marriage.

Patrick A.
Just The Best Guitar Pedal Ever

Not only Eventide managed to make some insane algorithms sounds even better than before, they also managed to create some insane quality distortions. You can literally recreate some serious SRV tone with this pedal!!!
The harmonizers sing more than ever, the new Vibe effects are insane, reverbs and chorus are amazing, the delays are chirurgically editable with an amazing sound and as I already said, these distortions are unexpectedly over the top. All digital devices do good clean and very distorted sounds, but, as we all know, the crunch tones, usually are not really that good, in this case you can do bluesy glassy tones forever! I'm still in shock!


My honest opinion… It’s definitely the best guitar pedal in the world. Everybody knows the quality of eventide’s products but this one is completely insane, making the usual algorithms sound even better than before and including even some unbelievable distortions (SRV style, which is one of the most difficult tones to replicate especially with a digital device.