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Keith Krause
Saturate Limited

Does what it's supposed to do, mainly keeping my synth tracks from peaking.

Giridhar Diwan


Evan Schneider
Tha Fruitbat and Saturate

I use this plugin on every track that needs some dirt!

Manuel Devecais
Saturate Plug-in in FIRE!!

Bought this plugin on a whim and man... I'm so glad I did!! It adds just the right amount of grit and character I'm looking for, with perfect parameters to adjust to taste, breathing new life into any bland sounding instruments in the mix. The way it saturates is SO tasty and pleasing to the ear! You HAVE to try it!
Probably the biggest learning curve of this plug-in for me is to stop myself from using it on every single track and bus! hahahaha
An EASY 5 stars for me. Fabulous job, Eventide! <3

Anders Bernholdsson
Great saturation

Great saturation used on my new track

  • Description

Spectral Clipper with Overdrive

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Saturate is the Spectral Clipper algorithm made popular in the Elevate Mastering Limiter. Saturate's two controls belie a sophisticated signal processing engine which allows it to overdrive a signal without effecting the tonal balance no matter how hard you push it. Add up to 24 dB of overdrive without creating a “tubby” or muffled sound. Additionally, the SHAPE control allows you to smoothly morph between hard clipping and the mathematically smoothest curve possible. Use Saturate to overdrive individual tracks or your entire mix.

  • Smoothly adjust from the softest to the hardest possible clipping shape
  • Spectral Clipper maintains tonal balance for an always pleasant saturation sound
  • Independent INPUT and OUTPUT levels, with AUTO output level scaling for easy and precise gain scaling
  • Saturation Curve Display and Meter shows you how your signal is hitting the selected clipping shape
  • Mastering Quality Input and Output metering show you both peak and rms levels

System Requirements

macOS 10.9+
AAX 64-bit, AU 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit

Windows 8+
AAX 64-bit, VST2 64-bit, VST3 64-bit

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